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How do I create an account to play?

You can create a new username and password or log-in with Facebook to have an account

I logged in with a username and password, how to I get my Facebook friends?

If you logged in with your username and password and not with "Facebook login", you can always go to stats, click on FB list. It will merge your current account with your FB account. It will ask you before doing so.

After having an account, what should I do?

N.E.R.D.S. is a multiplayer game, so after having an account you need to play against someone

How do I play against someone?

You click on "new game" then you can invite your Facebook friends to play or search for a random opponent

How does the coins system work?

Each time you win you are granted 5 coins. Each time you make a draw with your opponent you are granted 1 coin

How can I get more coins?

You can to go "setting, store" then inside the store you can buy coins that you can use.

How do I change my avatar?

You can go to "setting, my profile" then click on your avatar. This will take you to a page full of avatars that you can get against coins.

What is a NERD friend?

After you play with someone, you can add him as a NERD friend so you can find him always there. You can always challenge your NERD friends anytime. Also, you can search for the nickname or the email of your friend, add him, and challenge him.

How is my score calculated?

Each number you use in your equation gives you 5 to 8 points depending on the number. The functions (+,-,/ and x) give you more points. If you use all the numbers in one equation you get a big bonus!

Can I use the same number twice in the same equation?

No, the number you use in the same equation can not be used again.

Can I remove games from the list of completed?

Yes, just click the X on the right of the finished games. Careful, after deleting them you can not see them again.

How does practice mode work?

The practice mode is a premium service, you can unlock it by paying the relevant amount of coins.

The Ads are bothering me, how can I remove them?

You can remove the Ads by going to "settings, store", then click on the remove Ads button.